Katie Couric in 2012: Matt Lauer ‘pinches me on the ass a lot’

In 2012, former “Today” co-host Katie Couric appeared on the talk show “Watch what Happens Live” and played one of the standard party games host Andy Cohen likes to spring on his guests in order to get them to open up. In a round of the game “Plead the Fifth,” Cohen asked Couric what her former colleague Matt Lauer’s “most annoying habit.”

“He pinches me on the ass a lot,” Couric said of her former “Today” co-host of 15 years. Couric delivered the line in a perfect deadpan and it’s easy to assume that she was joking, and maybe she was. She’s a funny lady, after all.

Lauer’s Tuesday evening ouster over an NBC employee’s sexual misconduct allegation seems to paint this off the cuff remark in a whole new light.

Perhaps the truth was hiding in plain sight all this time.

[Screengrab: Bravo]