Larry King gets cucked by a vape pen

Larry King quit smoking three decades ago. That’s not exactly the most impressive span of time given the talk show host has graced this plane of existence since the Mesozoic era but hey, it’s something. King clearly wasn’t prepared for what the future has in store for tobacco users when a woman approached him offering a drag of her vape pen.

King was being briefly interviewed by a TMZ paparazzo about who would be a worthy replacement for disgraced former “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer. He didn’t really have an opinion, perhaps because he forgot who Matt Lauer is. Suddenly, a woman 20 billion times younger than King walked by, catching him off-guard with cucumber-flavored vape juice. King took the bait and wound up coughing up what probably tasted like infused hotel lobby water that’s been left out in an open carafe for too long.

“What’s your estimation on this, Larry?” the cameraman asks after King hacks up his last remaining shreds of a lung.

“If I ever want to go back, I’ll never go back to that,” King responds.

Best to stick to that corn cob pipe gathering dust.

[TMZ | Screenshot: TMZ]