Trump thinks a government shutdown would be cool as hell

Nothing would please Donald Trump more than if the US government came to a screeching halt and he could blame it on the Democrats. At least, that’s what #45 reportedly told advisers over the past week and a half. According to the Washington Post, Trump believes that letting America fall into temporary bankruptcy would be a politically savvy move that could help him look even better to his disenfranchised supporters.

He’s more worried about trying not to look “like the chump in the deal,” according to one source, than whether Congress can actually get their shit together enough to pass a semblance of a budget come December 8. The GOP will likely push for temporary stopgap funding the government until Dec. 22, not that Trump cares.

Trump allies aren’t exactly in agreement with the president’s current flight of fancy. One White House official said a shutdown wouldn’t be cool, as did the Donald’s new BFF Lindsey Graham. “We’d look like crazy people to shut down the government in light of all of our problems,” Graham said.

Senator Dick Durbin was a bit more honest about Trump’s flip-flopping when it comes to government shutdowns, saying he hopes lawmakers “catch him at a good moment.” According to the Alzheimer’s Association, multiple studies indicate those suffering from dementia have far more difficulties around dusk, exhibiting in a series of negative symptoms in what’s known as sundowning. Perhaps it’s best if Durbin and his ilk caught Trump just as Fox & Friends is wrapping up.

[Washington Post | Photo: Getty]