Trump had new toilet seat installed ‘after hours’ in Oval Office

The White House is an iconic landmark and the seat of power in the United States. It is also seemingly falling apart, or at least that’s the impression one would get looking over the work orders from Trump’s tenure thus far.

According to the work orders obtained by NBC4 Washington, a toilet seat was replaced in the Oval Office in late January. A note on the work request specified that the job be done “after hours please.” Now, this could easily have been requested simply because Trump — who had to deny he called his knew home a “dump” — didn’t want somebody barging into the Oval Office carrying a toilet seat while he was meeting with some foreign dignitary. On the other hands, perhaps he needs a giant gold toilet seat and wanted to hide it from the press. Who can say what the truth is?

Most of the work orders are, as one would expect, fairly mundane. It’s a lot of furniture being moved and pictures being hung. One interesting revelation is the White House is apparently lousy with mice, ants, and cockroaches. Someone who does not have the restraint I do would make a joke about how we already knew that because the building is currently occupied by the Trump administration, but I am clearly above such observations.

Finally, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer put in a request for some new furniture in his office before he was ousted. Not exactly a groundbreaking scoop, but it does bring up a pressing question. If Spicer could just request new furniture, why the hell didn’t he ever bother asking for his own mini fridge?

[NBC4 Washington | Photo: Getty]