Ted Cruz fine with Moore in Senate, very concerned about Franken allegations

Ted Cruz graced Fox News with his presence Thursday night, and the conversation inevitably turned to the Alabama Senate race, which features an alleged child molester as the Republican nominee who happens to be leading in the polls. When asked to weigh in on both the accusations against Roy Moore and Democratic Senator Al Franken, Cruz had some notably different opinions.

“Of course not,” Cruz said when asked if Moore should be thrown out of the Senate even if he wins. “I think we have to respect the will of the voters.”

Now Cruz on Al Franken:

These allegations are serious and they keep coming up. Every day more and more and more allegations and I will say, there’s a rich irony watching all the Democrats backpedaling and trying to justify now their colleague who you’ve got — I think the count is five women who allege groping. I mean, that’s a serious, serious problem.

To be perfectly clear, it is a serious, serious problem, and Franken should resign. But Moore should also drop out of the Senate race, and for Ted Cruz of all people to talk about hypocrisy and backpedaling while attempting this 180 is rich.

[Screenshot: Fox News]