Here’s Matt Lauer repeatedly telling Sandra Bullock he’s seen her naked

Watching old clips of ousted “Today” lead anchor Matt Lauer makes me feel like I’m living in a “the call is coming from inside the house” reveal from a slasher film. This Sandra Bullock interview from 2009 is especially unsettling because it begins with the accused sexual predator remarking that he’s seen Bullock naked while she was on the show promoting her film “The Proposal.”

From Page Six:

The major thing that’s changed since I’ve seen you last: I have seen you naked,” Lauer told Bullock.

Bullock laughed and shot back, “And I’m so sorry about that. Were you able to sleep afterwards?”

Lauer, who was all smiles, replied that the nude image of Bullock was now his computer’s screensaver.

Lauer, who is especially giddy over having seen a grown woman in the buff in a movie, mentions several more times how he’s seen the actress pull a full monty. Bullock responds with a lot of nervous laughter, but it’s pretty clear that she’s uncomfortable.

Opening an interview by informing an actress that he’s seen her genitalia is a technique Lauer also employed in a 2012 interview with Anne Hathaway, who had been the unwitting subject of an upskirt shot from a paparazzo. On Tuesday evening, Lauer was fired from NBC amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Who could have seen that coming?

[Screengrab: NBC}