Geraldo Rivera apologizes to Bette Midler for alleged groping

Geraldo Rivera has apologized to Bette Midler for an incident in the ’70s during which Midler claims the Fox News regular and his producer groped her.

“Although I recall the time @BetteMidler has alluded to much differently than she, that does not change the fact that she has a right to speak out & demand an apology from me, for in the very least, publically embarrassing her all those years ago. Bette, I apologize,” Rivera tweeted.

Usually an apology doesn’t begin with a preamble about how you didn’t actually do anything. That tends to undercut the sincerity and impact of the part where you say you’re sorry.

After Rivera sent out a series of ill-advised tweets on Wednesday defending former “Today” anchor Matt Lauer, who was fired over a sexual harassment complaint, video of Midler’s interview with Barbara Walters — wherein she accuses Rivera of groping her — started making the rounds. Midler herself then tweeted the video of the interview on Thursday, saying Rivera had never apologized to her.

In addition to the Midler sort-of-apology, Rivera also sort of apologized for his 1991 memoir, which The Daily Beast’s Erin Gloria Ryan referred to as “a horndog’s bible of workplace harassment.”

“27 years ago I wrote a tawdry book depicting consensual events in 1973-45 years ago-I’ve deeply regretted its distasteful & disrespectful tone & have refrained from speaking about it-I’m embarrassed & profoundly sorry to those mentioned-I have & again apologize to anyone offended,” Rivera said, also via Twitter.

This man is terrible at apologies.

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