Henry Rollins Makes Ass Of Himself At Cake Shop, Solidifies Punk Legacy (Video)

The former Black Flag frontman confronts a hipster at the Lower East Side bar.

Henry Rollins Makes Ass Of Himself At Cake Shop, Solidifies Punk Legacy (Video)

Henry Rollins, former Black Flag frontman, paid a visit to the Lower East Side cafe-bar and venue Cake Shop earlier this year. Thank the entertainment gods he had a German TV crew filming him throughout his visit.

In the video, Rollins is seen bashing Cake Shop for “catering to… an elitist group of young people.” Later, when a girl yells out “Get in the Van, man,” the title of his spoken word book, Rollins loses it and proceeds to confront her, calling her an “over-tatooed trust fund kid” and mocking her “massive elitist ego.”

Throughout the clip Rollins reveals to be pretty defensive about his age and career choices, as he mentions to his companion, “to these people I am old and in the way…I am the bourgeoisie, they are the proletariat… I am old and conventional… and have sold out.” In addition, when confronting the girl heckler, he asks, “Is this where the young, elitist hipsters take on the ancient, dodgy, in-the-way types?”

To be fair, the girl instigated the whole ordeal by yelling out Rollins’ name and the title of his book while he was trying to film. You almost feel bad for the punk icon, despite his overreaction. However, once he’s left the bar, Rollins boasts to his companion, “when [the girl] yelled out ‘Get in the Van,’ that’s the title of a very famous book I wrote… the audiobook won a Grammy… I should send you that book… it’s very well known, it’s the book that a lot of musicians have seen.” Self-glorifying enough for you?