Julian Assange Wanted by Interpol, Hates Condoms

Julian Assange, one-time cavalier condom-breaker, is now the target of an international manhunt.

Julian Assange Wanted by Interpol, Hates Condoms

As WikiLeaks grew more dangerous to more of the world’s governments, two “rape” charges from Julian Assange’s time in Sweden popped up, threatening the organization’s rogue leader.

First Sweden denied him safe harbor and citizenship on the basis of the sexual assault charges, and now Interpol has placed Assange on their wanted list, sparking what will likely be a worldwide manhunt for a man who you’d think, from the sound of it, is a lethally dangerous sexual predator.

However, the New York Times in a piece today about Assange’s status on the Interpol wanted list details the two rape charges, which Assange has long insisted were actually consensual encounters.

As it turns out, by the plaintiffs’ own allegations, they did in fact begin as consensual. Both rape charges allege that the consensual encounters transformed into rape over the use of condoms:

“According to accounts his accusers gave to the police and friends, they both had consensual sexual encounters with Mr. Assange that became nonconsensual. One woman said that Mr. Assange had ignored her appeals to stop after a condom broke. The other woman said that she and Mr. Assange had begun a sexual encounter using a condom, but that Mr. Assange did not comply with her appeals to stop when it was no longer in use. Mr. Assange has questioned the veracity of those accounts.”

From the sound of it, it appears Julian Assange hates condoms and tries to get out of using them. Which is basically another way of saying: Julian Assange is a dude.

Someone once clarified the whole “what qualifies as rape” question as: “She said no.” Easy enough. At any particular moment, if you find yourself having sex with someone who doesn’t want to be having sex with you, you’re raping them.

But in all fairness, there’s a difference between the kind of encounters described above, which are the hallmark foibles of the Freshman year college crowd, and actual full-on, non-consensual-and-probably-violent rape.

Does the Times description qualify as reprehensible behavior? Absolutely. Arguably it even qualifies as criminal, which is a question that’s likely come up countless times on college campuses for decades. But it’s usually not the kind of criminality that lands you on the Interpol Red List.

Unless you’re already a very dangerous man, of course.

If the same standards applied to Assange were applied to everyone, half the hat-backwards college underclassmen in America would rounded up by the FBI and likely thrown into some super-secret prison, possibly never to be heard from again.

And so it begins: the assassination of Julian Assange. It’s not just some Jesse Ventura consiracy theory. Likely no figure in history has united so many governments of conflicting views and alliances against a common public enemy. When there is this much impetus to silence one man, history shows he usually gets silenced, either through physical or character assassination.

I just hope Assange makes it long enough to release this WikiLeak on the banking system.