Alex Jones of Thinks He’s Threatening Enough to be Censored

In the wake of the TSA security scandals and the shit-storm of media criticism that ensued, has been banned in Greece, and both Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report and Alex Jones of are suspicious that they’ve been spied on by Homeland Security.

Alex Jones of Thinks He's Threatening Enough to be Censored

Following all of the supposed new TSA security measures, TSA dissidence spread through the internet. Like Alex Jones has been known to do with much of his fanatical writing along the lines of his 9/11 conspiracies, he battered TSA for grossly violating travelers rights and even compared the security measures to communist security checkpoints.

Prisonplanet,com, and have all been equally resistant to the new TSA sanctions, has just been banned in Greece, and Alex Jones predicts that will soon follow. With all of this in mind, the former congressman Bob Barr has filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Have the founders of these sites been monitored by Homeland Security?

For a man whose writing feels more like that of a storyteller with P.T.S.D. than that of a journalist, Alex Jones is no doubt suspicious that the government has been monitoring his every move.

Here’s a recent statement from Jones, starting with his opinion on TSA:

“If the TSA really believes that the terror threat is so imminent that old ladies have to have hands put down their pants, then why did they turn off scanners on the busiest travel day of year?”

“This is right out of the old Soviet Union and then some, the TSA is boldly going where no police state has ever gone before, sticking hands down people’s pants and radiating them, and when the public speaks up about it and the press reports on it they’re labeled extremists and spied on?”

“The TSA needs to be investigated by Congress and grand juries for standing down and removing security on the busiest travel day of year, security that they say is so vital to prevent terror attacks.”

“They didn’t announce they had changed security, then simply lied to everyone while mockingly taunting critics in claiming that the public loved the pat downs and scanners.”

Was censored by homeland security?

“Now the TSA is talking about putting its critics on lists? How about we put everyone who’s a real American on a list and then we can see who’s not on the list and find out who the real enemies are. Let Matt Drudge and Alex Jones go down in history as being at the top of the list when it comes to opposing sticking hands down children’s pants and groping them.”

Anyone who traveled during Thanksgiving probably noticed the lack of pat downs and intimidating scanners. When I traveled through JFK they didn’t even ask to see a boarding pass when I went through the scanner like the blue-suited TSA people usually do. It’s been labeled as a ploy by TSA to cut down on the bad publicity that’s been circulating.

If TSA can cancel their supposedly necessary heightened security measures during the busiest travel week of the year, the security was probably not necessary to begin with. The major questions of whether Homeland Security has been spying on Drudge, and was Prison Planet censored, are likely to never be uncovered.

A big thanks is owed to the media attacks of Jones and Drudge, among others. Without them, I likely would’ve had my package cupped by TSA, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.