Racism Alive And Well In Idaho

Don’t you just hate when dumb racists ruin the holiday season?

Racism Alive And Well In Idaho

Have you ever had a neighbor that you just can’t stand? You know the type: proud white separatist, hands out bullets instead of candy to children on Halloween, decorates the house with rare Aryan flags, builds snowmen in the shape of KKK members complete with noose and hood.

No? You don’t have a blatantly racist neighbor with an affinity for ruining idyllic childhood rituals like building snowmen or trick-or-treating?

Well, then you’re obviously not from the community of Hayden, Idaho, home to America’s worst neighbor and proud Nazi supporter—Mark.

Since moving into the quiet community in Northern Idaho, Mark (who for some strange reason would rather not release his surname) has been doing his part to remind America that racism is still alive and well in Northern Idaho.

Yesterday, when local news cameras started rolling Mark decided to feign confusion when questioned about his recent winter wonderland creation. “‘It’s a snowman,’ said an indignant Mark. ‘There’s nothing hateful about it that I can see.'”

Maybe Mark’s parents never taught him that a snowman is made up of three circular balls of snow stacked on top of each other decreasing in size, not a man-shaped figure with a cone head and noose in hand.

Over the course of the past six months Mark has made headlines for his proud separatist beliefs, basically flying his Nazi SS flag before he even moved in furniture. When interviewed by the local news station back in July, Mark sent fair warning to his lucky neighbors. “I’d rather not live amongst people who are not of my race and culture.” Needless to say, nobody welcomed him with a fruitcake.

For a follow-up performance Mark decided to give children bullets instead of candy corn for Halloween, but it has taken his KKK snowman stunt to garner national attention.

Northern Idaho has been working hard to move away from its troubled Neo-Nazi past. The town of Hayden Lake, which boarders Hayden, was the former home of the white supremacist group Aryan Nations’ 20-acre compound from the 1970s to 2001. It’s truly a shame that nine years later people like Mark are keeping white pride alive.

It kind of makes you appreciate normal asshole neighbors who don’t clean up their dog’s shit from your lawn. I mean, at least they gave Snickers bars for Halloween.