Band Watch: The Hard Nips

The Hard Nips are throwing a party on Tuesday, and it will rock.

Band Watch: The Hard Nips

A friend of a friend of mine owns a cat whose name is Pearl Harbor. It’s insensitive yet clever. The rise he gets each time from revealing the surname to strangers makes him sparkle like a boy with a whoopee cushion. And so we come to New York City’s new rock and roll entourage, The Hard Nips, comprised of four Japanese ladies.

Three of its members hail from the Land of the Rising Sun, hence the diminutive of “Nippon,” and the fourth comes to Brooklyn directly from Boston. What generated over a year ago is a band that thrives in simple pleasures. They let Death and Takes know that “sake [goes great] with anything, anytime of the day (like samurai).”

Musically, they sound somewhere between rock and punk, with rhythms that jag like The Clash and vocals that caterwaul with the amplitude of AC/DC’s. It’s not rocket science, although its catchy enough to turn any of Williamsburg’s virtuosos into believers, because it’s just good fun.

Hard Nips – Release It by Mixpak

The Hard Nips play Cake Shop on Tuesday with Juiceboxxx and Greatest Hits, where a new 10″ will be available for purchase.