Hillary Clinton Won’t Run for President Because Being President is Terrible

Hillary Clinton says she won’t seek the presidency. You really can’t blame her.

Hillary Clinton Won't Run for President Because Being President is Terrible

In 2008, Time selected Barack Obama “Person of the Year.” The coverline was a quote of his: “Change has come to America.” On the cover, the future president beamed confidence and hope. The soft lighting on his face put a twinkle in his eye, and in ours. The future was wide open.

Approaching 2011, Obama is a kind of sad sack who just froze federal salaries for no reason, save for cynically building his 2012 campaign message: reaching across the aisle to no avail.

Hillary Clinton fielded some Presidential questions in Bahrain recently. According to the Associated Press, Secretary of State will be her last public position, and after that she will return to advocacy for woman and children. Why? As Newsweek recently pointed out, the modern president has too many duties for one person to handle. Two, being a Democratic president seems like it really, really sucks.

She either means it or is trying to put to bed rumors of an insurgent 2012 campaign where she could unseat Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee. This would be crazy, but half the dems voted for her in 2008 in the first place. If she were to, say, jump on Obama’s 2012 ticket as VP, she could find herself in the role SNL predicted: the anti-Sarah Palin, though the irony of her political career taking this direction would be cruel, cruel, cruel.

As for now she’s playing coy in the press. It’s only making us more interested.