80s Cartoon Characters Dominate Facebook, Showcase Nation’s Infinite Youth Problem

If a cartoon character from the 80s is your Facebook photo, you may be part of the problem.

80s Cartoon Characters Dominate Facebook, Showcase Nation's Infinite Youth Problem

In his pre-Halloween New York Times Op-Ed, R.L. Stine lamented our adults-as-kids epidemic.

“Of course, much has been written about how this generation of American adults doesn’t want to give up its inner child,” he wrote. “I don’t have to spell out the evidence — it’s everywhere — that grownups want to be kids for as long as they can possibly get away with it. And who can blame us?”

It certainly is everywhere. Facebook has exploded with people swapping out their photos in favor of their favorite childhood character, like Gem, Fraggle Rock, Snorks (terrible cartoon), and Smurfette. (To clarify, Smurfette was indeed created by Gargamel to spy on the smurfs. But she was so taken by the Smurf’s pure and joyous way of life that she assimilated into the Smurf Village.)

The cartoon character trend is supposed to combat child abuse, but, because of Facebook’s weak-tie problem, it just seems like grown-ups grasping at nostalgia. For all the world to see, no less.