‘Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas’

“It’s not even about Jesus. You just gotta respect the holiday.”

'Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas'

I stumbled upon this video accidentally, but in doing so, uncovered pure genius by the name of CRUDBUMP aka Drew Toothpaste aka Judas Beats. CRUDBUMP is a rapper of sorts—think Beck mixed with GZA mixed with Weird Al.

This dude basically sits around and makes crazy ass rap songs and videos (available on i-Tunes). He also runs a site that sells t-shirts to finance his projects. CRUDBUMP is essentially what every 20-something aspires to be, but never will.

CRUDBUMP recently released a music video for his new single “Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas.” This song has to be the best Christmas songs since Adam Sandler’s “Christmas Song,” which come to think of it, wasn’t that funny.