Google eBooks Launch: More Free Books You Might Not Read

Who knew everyone cared so much about books?

Google eBooks Launch: More Free Books You Might Not Read

Google eBooks launched today, and the early-adopter tech world will watch with bated breath as the search engine dips into the surging digital book market, making a rival out of Amazon and heightening its tensions with Apple.

What does this mean for us avid-reader consumer types who own tablets e-readers? It really depends. If you own an iPad, like me, you already have iBooks and and the Amazon Kindle app. Reading in iBooks is a far more pleasurable experience than the Amazon Kindle App, with it’s presentation-like page swiping, single font choice, and annoying percentage ratio. IBooks actually presents like a book, hence the name. It even has page numbers, which, when it comes to eBooks, is a novel concept. However, iBooks doesn’t have what you’re looking for most of the time, and Amazon has everything.

People will develop a strong tie to Google Editions because of the amount of free stuff the company will offer. Beware the free stuff, guys. When I first got my iPad, I downloaded a ton of Gutenberg freebies, and I mostly just feel bad about myself for not reading them. Ah, the carefree days I would spend reading the Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Mysteries of Freemasonry,” and, naturally, “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.”

Sadly, I’ve only used my iPad for contemporary work. And there are already plenty of places to get that on the web.