New Neon Indian Video ‘Mind, Drips’

In the latest video for Texas Chillwavers Neon Indian, we see a new visual device meant to recreate the look of older ones.

New Neon Indian Video 'Mind, Drips'

The video for “Mind, Drips,” is directed by Lars Larson, and utilizes an analogue video synthesizer called the LZX Visionary, which does visually what a synthesizer does with audio, manipulating images using video feedback and analog compositing.

In layman’s terms, it colors the video to look like a late ’70s/early ’80s commercial illustrating the effects of psychedelic drugs. The point of the LZX Visionary is to emulate “pre-Computer Age technologies,” which it achieves quite well considering the the second half of the video looks like a dream sequence from “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.”

The song matches the look perfectly as its main synth hook sounds like what the last generation would have imagined the future of music to sound like, complete with nostalgic sequencers and fat, reverbed beats.

Aside from the cinematography, the video has some other trippy elements: When theĀ  star female is not dangling from a chandelier on a tree, she’s exploring a hidden portal whose entrance is in the center of her bed. The whole experience makes for a very hallucinatory ride.

Neon Indian are currently working on a new record, but this clip from debut “Psychic Chasms” is a welcomed revisit to the album.