Too Much Estrogen for Prince

Prince couldn’t last five minutes on The View. But seriously, could you?

Too Much Estrogen for Prince

Prince is perhaps the most mysterious figure left in pop. At this point the man can really do just about anything and we’d have to write it off as genius, simply because we cannot possibly get inside the head of the man. Case in point, his appearance on The View yesterday, which lasted all of four minutes.

One senses it was meant as a sort of guerilla attempt with Prince plugging his Madison Square Garden show for a few minutes and then bursting into a glittery cloud as his exit.

Instead, the special effects man missed his cue, abandoning The Artist to the merciless questioning of Barbara Walters and minions, leaving him no choice but to flee the scene just in time to escape sexual assault. But where Prince is concerned, a certain amount of indecent proposition has to be expected.

It’s a pity, because I really wanted to hear more of Prince’s advice to the young.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait until he knocks on my door for a conversion attempt.