Mel Gibson in ‘The Beaver’ Will be Overwhelmingly Depressing

The movie is set to release in the spring. Mel Gibson stars as a father that is tackling depression, and judging from the trailer, it looks pretty depressing.
Mel Gibson in ‘The Beaver’ Will be Overwhelmingly Depressing

At the end of “Braveheart,” William Wallace, the hero of the Scottish resistance, is brutally tortured then killed. Mel Gibson as Wallace is stretched before a crowd before presumably being axed in half by a hooded executioner. And that’s the last that we see of Wallace, the great warrior that stood up to the tyrannical British forces.

Watching the new trailer for “The Beaver” is a bit like watching Mel Gibson at the center stage of a crowd for a public execution, only this time it’s his film career that’s dying.

There’s already been a movie released this year about overcoming depression, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.” And another one is masochistic, especially one that involves Gibson channeling his feelings through a hand puppet. Why is it that stories about overcoming the tragedies of life always seem to contradict themselves by being so overwhelmingly painful to watch?

There’s nothing significant about a really bad movie and there isn’t any good in intentionally being a cynical prick all of the time, but this is especially tragic to watch Gibson peter out like this. “Braveheart” was an incredibly badass war movie and Mel Gibson was incredibly badass as the warrior William Wallace. He also made suicide funny in “Lethal Weapon.” Now he’s a mopey father with a sock puppet.