Operation Payback Back on Twitter Under New Handle

Only minutes after Twitter disabled the account of Operation Payback, users rushed to help get the hacker organization back online.

Operation Payback Back on Twitter Under New Handle

At a time when US Politicians are exhibiting an embarrassing inability to work together and an infuriating effort to shut down the free flow of information by stopping Julian Assange at all costs, the Twitter community banded together to get Operation Payback, whose Twitter handle @Anon_Operation was shut down by the site, back on line.

In a deftly slick move, one unaffiliated user who champions the organization, anticipating that @Anon_Operation might get shut down, registered @AnonOperation as a protective precaution, and waited to offer it to the organization as soon as the shut-down came.

The hacker organization registered @AnonOpsNet when @Anon_Operation was disabled and the registrar of @AnonOperations promptly contacted it via public feed to hand over the account.

In a world of crushing bureaucratic failure, it’s refreshing to see a grassroots organization of individuals standing on principle and outwitting both multi-billion dollar organizations and sovereign governments.

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