Halliburton: Nobody Puts Cheney In Jail

If Halliburton loved you this much, you’d be happy too.

Halliburton: Nobody Puts Cheney In Jail

As you may already know, Dick Cheney was charged earlier this month for bribing Nigerian lawmakers with $180 million into giving a $6 billion natural gas pipeline contract to Halliburton-owned KBR, which was being run by Cheney at the time.

Considering that bribery is illegal, the Nigerian government has been pushing for an arrest warrant through Interpol, which could result in a sentencing of three years in a Nigerian prison alongside three other top executives for “the 16-count indictment,” says GlobalPost.

With the White House not looking to do much to help Dick out, Halliburton is offering a $500 million settlement to the Nigerian government.

That is half a billion of Halliburton’s money being doled out to protect a man that prosecutors believe is a criminal for helping to bribe “a brutal dictator who has been accused of actually killing people in order to advance the interests of his business partners,” according to John Nichols of “The Nation.”

That is a lot of money to waste on someone, who in any other circumstance or position, would be convicted almost immediately.

John Nichols believes that WikiLeaks may play a part in convicting Cheney:

“Might there be some cables that might have been intercepted?” asked “The Ed Show’s” Ed Shultz. “It’s highly significant,” replies Nichols.

Look, Dick Cheney literally went over to the CIA three and four times a day at some points during his vice presidency. There’s nobody who was more engaged with cable traffic than this guy, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if WikiLeaks has another package for us to look at with regard to this.

Let’s hope Halliburton keeps its $500 million, WikiLeaks shows it’s still kicking and Cheney gets sent to jail because it’s evident which criminal the nation cares more about right now, and it’s not the guy who shot someone in the face.