Free Music Monday: Paul McCartney, Naked & Famous, Alert Carey, Robyn

It’s Monday, which means free music coming your way. Today we bring you free tunes from Naked & Famous, Alert Carey, Robyn (performing at the Nobel Peace awards, no less) and, in case you missed it, Paul McCartney performing ‘Yesterday’ in its original form with Jimmy Fallon.

Free Music Monday: Paul McCartney, Naked & Famous, Alert Carey, Robyn

This has got to be the highlight of Jimmy Fallon’s career. For a phenomenon as major as the Beatles, it’s incredible that there are mythic bits of lore from the ’60s that can still be tapped into in a new, exciting way. We’ve all heard the ‘Yesterday’ story a million times—that when Paul McCartney wrote it, he used some dummy lyrics about ‘Scrambled Eggs’ as a placeholder for a few months until he found some suitable lyrics. 45 years later, McCartney performs the original version of ‘Scrambled Eggs’ publicly for the first time—with Jimmy Fallon. D+T writer Jason Hartley was right—MacCartney is the most Advanced Beatle.

Here’s a gorgeous new track from Alert S. Carey, a Bon Iver alum who released a solo album on Jagjaguwar earlier this fall. This stunning track comes courtesy of WNYC—you can download the track at their site, and catch Carey tonight at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

Sr20101213 mp3 scarey by alexandergmoore

Is it just us, or has Robyn been everywhere this year? Having released a new installment of her “Body Talk” album every three months or so, popping up videos covering Prince, and now making an appearance at the Nobel Peace Awards ceremony in Oslo, 2010 has been like a giant game of Where’s Robyn? She’s likely to turn up anywhere, just like Julian Assange! Check out her excellent performance of ‘Dancing on My Own’ below—we never get sick of this track.

Finally, Naked & Famous boasts a new remix of “Punching in A Dream,” remixed by Does It Offend You, Yeah? It may in fact offend you—it’s a hard-hitting, dirty dance track, but it’ll definitely wake you up and kick your Monday into high gear. Head to Some Kind of Awesome to take a listen.