Don King Would Make an Awful Terrorist

The legendary boxing manager was caught with two different types of ammunition in his luggage at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport and TSA officials didn’t even have to give him a vigorous and mildly homoerotic pat down to find them.

Don King Would Make an Awful Terrorist

I’m guessing that when the TSA officials discovered the bullets in his luggage, for both .38 and .357-caliber hand guns, Don King did what he does best—he played it cool.

He didn’t get detained by the TSA officials and he was even allowed on his flight to Florida. All because he played it cool. There’s a lesson here for all of the childish characters who threw fits at TSA security checkpoints last month, like the guy with the iPhone video warning the TSA official not to touch his junk, or the man who was fined $11,000 for refusing both the pat down and the full body scan.

A woman was detained for carrying on breast milk (what could be less threatening than breast milk?) yet King slips through security without a single fine after attempting to smuggle live ammunition onto a plane. Apparently the security violations by TSA were considered a matter of principle, a violation so great to warrant the rants of civil disobedience from individuals like Alex Jones or the if-you-touch-my-junk-I’ll-have-you-arrested guy, which is fair enough—without our dignity, what else do we have?

But as travelers protect their balls and scream injustice, they inevitably set themselves up for all sorts of travel troubles—isn’t the point of traveling to actually make the flight? Don King played it cool, even after having his live ammunition uncovered, and still made it in time for his flight.

Don King says: if you wanna catch your flight, you best keep it cool.