Ja Rule to Serve Two Year Prison Sentence

Ja Rule gets his best press in nearly a decade. Unfortunately, his big return will be to the big house.

Ja Rule to Serve Two Year Prison Sentence

Ja Rule finally received sentencing for a 2007 arrest for gun possession – and it’s pretty steep considering his intentions of reviving his dormant career. The rapper is set to serve two years in prison for the offense—”a minor setback for a major comeback” it reads on his Twitter feed. Ja Rule pleaded guilty to the charge and was promptly sentenced, although he won’t receive a start date until February 9, 2011.

In court, Supreme Court Judge Richard Carruthers stated, “Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of committing a violent felony. This is a very serious matter.” This blunt sentencing comes in a series of similar cases this year dealing with the incarceration of hip hop stars.

Earlier this year, Lil Wayne served 8 months of a year-long sentence for gun possession. Coincidentally, Wayne’s arrest was on the same day as Ja Rule’s. In August, T.I. was arrested for drug possession, violating his probation, which he received after his previous stint in prison for gun possession. He was officially sentenced last October. In all three cases these emcees received surprisingly long sentences (surprising for celebrities, that is).

In a year that also saw the imprisonment of Lindsay Lohan and yet another arrest for Gucci Mane, it seems that 2010 has been the ultimate celebrity crime crackdown.

One thing’s for sure, 50 Cent is pretty amused.