The One Thing Obama Needs to Say at the CEO Summit Tomorrow

Barack Obama is set to host a group of CEOs to discuss the U.S.’s economy, or its lack thereof.

The One Thing Obama Needs to Say at the CEO Summit Tomorrow

Obama made headlines last week, after he announced he would convene a one-day summit with leading CEOs tomorrow to discuss the economy.

The CEOs of Google, American Express, Facebook and more will work on Obama’s economic agenda, which includes private companies spending some of the trillions of dollars they’ve amassed during the recession to expand and hire. Companies are wary of spending as U.S. consumers deleverage after years of unrestrained borrowing and profligate spending.

The President is expected to discuss a range of topics including the tax code and government regulation. However his message can be condensed in a single statement: “If you guys don’t help me, Sarah Palin will be President.”

High unemployment spells disaster for incumbent presidents, unless, like Reagan, they happen to oversee a dramatic rise and fall during their tenure. Obama has had no such luck. Unemployment was 7.7% when he was elected, a full two points below today’s rate. The more optimistic predictions put unemployment at 8.5% when Obama hits the campaign trail in 2012. What kind of story can you tell people if unemployment is higher than it was when you started? This sucks for him and us.

Aside from Palin, Republican frontrunners include Pawlenty, Pence and a bunch of other people you’ve never heard of, save Mitt Romney, the boy least likely to succeed.

Though legions of voters are opposed to Obama cozying up to corporations, anything is better than the Caribou Killer in the White House. She would destroy the economy and install a gun rack in the Lincoln Bedroom. Sure, the beauty of America is that, yes, anyone can become President, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

Obama should explain this to our business leaders. A Sarah Palin presidency—are they ready to do that to our country?

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