Julian Assange Granted Bail

The London Court in Assange’s extradition case granted Assange bail set at £240,000.

Julian Assange Granted Bail

The WikiLeaks figurehead is still in custody pending the Swedish prosecutor’s appeal, which should occur during the next 48 hours, according to the Guardian.

He still awaits hearings relating to his Swedish extradition hearing, which is set for January 11th.  Since Assange is believe to be a flight risk, he must surrender his passport, wear an electronic tag, observe a morning and night curfew, and report to a local police station at 6pm everyday.

Vaughn Smith, a British journalist, provided Julian Assange’s surety and will be offering his home to Assange.  Restaurant designer Sarah Saunders and Michael Moore each promised to put up money for the bail, with Moore also offering every resource he has for Assange’s free information work with WikiLeaks to continue.

Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephen was quoted as saying, “This is really turning in to a show trial. We will be in court in the next 48 hours, they haven’t given us the courtesy to say when. It is an unfortunate state of affairs … but given their history of persecuting of Mr Assange, it is perhaps not surprising.”

Stephens also spoke to Assange’s solitary confinement, stating he is “an innocent man sitting in Dickensian conditions, Victorian conditions in Wandsworth jail.”

Stephens seems to have a gift for evocative literary imagery.