The PEG: Kinetic Energy to Power Electronic Devices

One of the neatest devices of 2010 is nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), which allows techies to take to the wilderness without the worry of draining Ipods or phones.

The PEG: Kinetic Energy to Power Electronic Devices

The PEG is billed by its manufacturer, Tremont Electric, LLC as “The World’s 1st Kinetic Energy Charger for Hand-Held Electronics.”  We’ve all run into the problem in our increasingly wired world of electronic devices losing power when we are without access to an outlet.  Now you can simply use your kinetic energy, supplied by your muscles, to recharge electronic devices.

Conceptually, it is similar to what Ed Begley Jr. does with his electricity-generating bicycle, which he uses to run certain home appliances such as his toaster.

Tremont Electric aims to go beyond the PEG, however, and into the realm of large-scale sustainable energy. They are involved in wave-energy research, which is the technique by which oceanic and lake waves can be harnessed by nPower Wave Energy Converters (WECs). The company is teaming up with University of Akron to test a unit in Lake Erie. Apparently the WECs can create artificial reefs as an added bonus for ecosystems.

It’s fantastic to see a company release a product that harnesses the human potential for energy production to charge devices that are traditionally powered via electrical outlets–the electricity in turn mostly powered by coal and natural gas.

We need more lateral thinking and innovation like the PEG.