Nicolas Cage Goes Batshit Outside Nightclub

Picking up where Charlie Sheen and Christian Bale left off, the money-troubled actor loses it during a verbal spitfire, claiming “I’ll fucking die because of honor.” What honor would that be?

Nicolas Cage Goes Batshit Outside Nightclub

Nicolas Cage was caught on camera this past Sunday morning when he lost his temper outside the club in Bucharest, Romania. Cage was in Romania filming a sequel for “Ghost Rider”—a fact more astonishing than his outburst.

Daily Mail reports Cage had been partying at the club all night till 5am when he was thrown out for unknown reasons. Cage is seen on tape shouting at a man and two women, “I’ll fucking die because of honor. I’ll fucking die right now.”

Some of the audio is a bit muffled, but Cage went off the hook saying, “Get in that car and walk away. Otherwise, you want to kill me? Go ahead brothers. I’ll fucking die in the name of honor. You want to fucking kick me in the head, go for it!”

Cage walked away, then returned in full Nic Cage mode ranting, “See my eyes—respect them as you’d respect me. See that man. That man is not a liar. Respect him as you would respect me.”

Suprised? Nah, just Nic being Nic.