New Toro y Moi “Still Sound”

South Carolina’s Toro y Moi has taken a large, and interesting, step into disco territory

New Toro y Moi Still Sound

You may have noticed we’ve been writing about Chaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi, quite a bit recently. Well, that’s simply because we believe his sophomore release will be a major player in 2011 music. Now you can see for yourself, as “Still Sound” gives us a first glimpse into the infectious disco world of “Underneath the Pine.”

“Still Sound” is a departure from the spaced-out sound of Bundick’s previous effort, “Causers of This.” Gone are the heavy-reverb and delayed samples of tracks like “Blessa” and, in their place, stands a meaty mix of funk bass-lines, sharp(er) vocal melodies, and an overall throwback feel to the 70s disco era.

The lack of samples were explained by Bundick in his recent D+T interview, “I wanted to make an album that is better and more enjoyable in a live setting…with “Causers” I wasn’t really expecting it to be played out in festivals and getting a full band together to play those songs. This [“Underneath the Pine”] is made for live performance and a band. It’s going to be exciting to play.”

Maybe we should follow Bundick’s lead and begin to rid ourselves of this ridiculous chillwave tag.

“Underneath the Pine” is due out February 22 via Carpark Records. Check out “Still Sound” below.

Still Sound by Toro y Moi
Download (via GvsB)

“Underneath the Pine” tracklist

01 “Intro/Chi Chi”
02 “New Beat”
03 “Go with You”
04 “Divina”
05 “Before I’m Done”
06 “Got Blinded”
07 “How I Know”
08 “Light Black”
09 “Still Sound”
10 “Good Hold”
11 “Elise”