Political Blogger Dragged From Wheelchair By Police During Protest

Jody McIntyre was pulled from his wheelchair twice then hit with a baton during last Thursday’s protest against student fees in central London. He was then bullied by the BBC during a live TV interview.

Political Blogger Dragged From Wheelchair By Police During Protest

McIntyre, 20, suffers from cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair (which he cannot physically move himself). Apparently, McIntyre was a threat to police during a protest against the raise in student fees that took place in and around Trafalgar Square in central London on Thursday.

On two separate incidents during the protest, Metropolitan Police pulled McIntyre out of his wheelchair and dragged him on the concrete. “I managed to get through to the front of the crowd and ended up facing the police, It was clear that they wanted violence. You could see it in their faces. They started using their batons and one hit me on my left shoulder, sending a sharp shooting pain down my arm. Other people around me were being hit on the head.”

McIntyre went on to recall being dragged from his wheelchair the first time. “Four policemen then grabbed my arms and shoulders and dragged me out of my wheelchair. My brother and some friends tried to pull me back but the police were beating them.”

Over 50 people so far have filed complaints to the IPCC about police behavior during the protests.  Student Alfie Meadows, 20, needed emergency brain surgery and was left struggling for his life after police struck him on the head with a baton during the protests.

“I wasn’t the only one to suffer that day. The police deliberately used violence to try and provoke the protesters into fighting back and in that way losing public support,” McIntyre told The Sunday Telegraph.

When McIntyre went on BCC to tell his side of the story he was bullied and made to defend himself. BCC personality Ben Brown, who likes to think of himself as a journalist, defended the police, “You were rolling towards police in your wheelchair.”

McIntyre replied, “I think to try to justify a police officer pulling a disabled person out of a wheelchair and dragging them across a concrete road is quite ridiculous, and I’m surprised that you just tried to do so.”

Brown continued to accuse McIntyre of being a “radical” and a “revolutionary,” to which McIntyre said, “I am asking you, do you think I could have, in any way, posed a physical threat, from the seat of my wheelchair, to an army of police armed with weapons?”

McIntyre then lambasted Brown and the BCC for clearly trying to distort the story, “This whole line of argument is absolutely ludicrous because you blame the victims of the violence for that violence. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the way the BBC report on the Palestinian conflict.

Not only did the police fail to protect and serve, but the BBC failed to report—makes Fox News look good.