Mixtape Madness: Julian Assange

As if we haven’t covered Julian Assange enough, let’s explore the unfolding drama of everyone’s favorite whistleblower through a mixtape.

Mixtape Madness: Julian Assange

Men At Work – “Down Under”

It’s always surprising when a significant figure comes from Australia. Even in terms of the music industry, one could count the important artists that hail from the country on one hand (maybe two if you would consider Men At Work one of them.)

Dead Kennedys – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

WikiLeaks’ Twitter brazenly stated back in September, “Burn all the books you want, Nazi punks. We already have a copy,” in reference to the US Pentagon and the Operation Dark Heart memoir. There are several songs in the Dead Kennedys’ canon that can be applied to the current situation with Assange and WikiLeaks. We’ll get back to that in a bit.

The Black Keys – “Wicked Messenger”

A Bob Dylan cover from the “I’m Not There” soundtrack, this song could be construed as the weight on Assange’s shoulders. “If you can’t bring good news, don’t bring any,” seems to be the idea held by WikiLeaks’ opponents.

Rage Against The Machine – “Settle For Nothing”

While the song’s original context deals partly with a prisoner’s inner demons over his family history, the main concept of this early Rage track can be found in it’s coda, which in turn applies to WikiLeaks’ crusade, “If we don’ take action now, we’ll settle for nothing later.” Assange also has never seen “the color of [his] father’s eyes.”

Mission Of Burma – “Outlaw”

Although it was Assange’s alleged sexual offense that technically made him an outlaw, his work in the whistleblowing field has made him a modern day Robin Hood.

Dead Kennedys – “I Am The Owl”

Speaking of the recent charges against Assange concerning his sexual conduct – the whole situation reeks of setup very similar to those found on this track from “Plastic Surgery Disasters.” In the first verse, a politician’s house is bugged, resulting in his “un-election,” when he’s caught in bed with a mistress. The rest of the song details other underhanded smear campaigns and the death of the Youth Leader who oddly walked into incoming traffic for no reason. It’s been long suspected that it was a government setup.

Thom Yorke – “Harrowdown Hill”

In this song, York sings about late Biological warfare expert David Kelly and the mysterious nature of his sudden death. The recent press regarding WikiLeaks and their exposure of classified documents could potentially be dangerous to Assange’s well being, as what was suspected of Kelly’s leading up to his testimony in regards to the British government’s dossier on weapons of mass destruction, two days before his supposed suicide.

Regina Spektor- “Human of the Year”

If you didn’t know already, Julian Assange is Death and Taxes’ Man of the Year.

Public Enemy – “Fight The Power”

An obvious choice for this tape that consistently rings true – Reagan era and way beyond.