Das Racist Get Kicked Out of U.K., Launch Remix Contest

British customs authorities decided against allowing Das Racist into their country. Would you?

Das Racist Get Kicked Out of U.K., Launch Remix Contest

Growing up, I used to skate with this kid Jay. He got real into raves and eventually got tattoos on his face and could only get high on acid by squirting LSD directly into his eyes. One of my brothers was looking at him one day and said, “That kid’s not allowed in the house anymore.”

British travel authorities took one look at Das Racist and arrived at the same conclusion. They detained the band and their entourage for 10 hours then sent them to Switzerland.

When someone in my office asked if they had done anything illegal in Britain before, I mentioned the move was probably preemptive, as Das Racist are arabic and look like revolutionaries.

To celebrate Das Racist as a global threat, let’s all participate in their remix contest.

Das Racist: “hahahaha jk” (prod. by Boi-1da)
Submission Deadline: Jan 18th 2011
Winners Win: Winning remix will receive a t-shirt, signed CD, $20 bag of weed and some limelight on the band’s website.
Thread download: http://www.tracksandfields.com/requests.php?request_id=306