School Board Shooting Video: Worst Public Shooter, Ever

The gunman in the Panama City, Florida shooting was clearly not as effective as Republicans at getting his way on tax policies.

School Board Shooting Video: Worst Public Shooter, Ever

Clay Duke was seated, waiting for the segment of the Panama City school board meeting in which the board members address the public. He then tagged the wall with a encircled red V and drew a gun before hitting on his platform issues.

For starters, he mentioned his wife being laid off by the school board. Then he moved on to the school board’s one half-cent sales tax and accused the centrally-seated Superintendent of Schools for screwing over voters: Duke asserts the Superintendent had promised not to raise taxes. However, when the Superintendent retorts that a tax increase had in fact been on his campaign platform, Duke stops in his tracks, utterly perplexed. He seems to share John Boehner’s view that taxes are never supposed to go up, ever, for anyone.

A note on lobbying tax issues: if Clay Duke wished to get a tax issue sorted out, he should have played it like Boehner: He should have cried uncontrollably and babbled a non sequitur invoking the ‘American Dream.’ It sure seems to be helping Boehner get his way on taxes.

Based on the school board shooting video, Clay Duke is officially the most ill-informed and least skilled public gunman that I’ve ever seen.