Heidi Jones: Assange Accusers Beware

While Interpol chooses to imprison Julian Assange on some rickety rape allegations based on suspicious stories from his accusers, the NYPD are upholding justice and calling out ‘bullshit’ on faulty rape accusations.

Heidi Jones: Assange Accusers Beware

Heidi Jones, WABC New York news anchor, has just been charged for falsely filing rape allegations. It had something to do with her timing—why would she file rape charges a full two months after the alleged incident? Among other minor details, NYPD investigations uncovered that she was lying.

The Swedish government’s “Surprise Sex” charges against Assange are even more highly suspect than those made by the New York news anchor, in that they not only have questionable time frames, but the actual incidents are full of scattered details that don’t match up. Why would a rape accuser party with Assange—and Tweet about the event with the utmost enthusiasm—following the alleged rape?

And many more temporal mismatchings are scattered throughout the charges filed against the imprisoned Assange. Wouldn’t Logic say that the iron-fisted international policing force of Interpol shoud have a keener eye for truthful justice than the comparably modest NYPD?

Maybe it’s a beacon of light for Julian Asssange and his supporters. If Heidi Jones can be called out for bullshit—which is how the charges against her are shaping up—maybe there is some hope for the falsely accused out there.

Assange supporters should keep their fingers crossed for some sort of domino effect, one of his greatest hopes—Besides Michael Moore.

If possible, maybe someone could send the Swedish prosecutors some “Law & Order” re-runs to show em’ how this justice business is really done, courtesy of the fictionalized NYPD.