Lil’ Wayne Has Heroin Named After Him In New Jersey

Apparently so does Obama. Newark drug dealers have gotten savvy with their branding.

Lil' Wayne Has Heroin Named After Him In New Jersey

If you’ve ever seen “The Wire”* or read a Richard Price book then you know drug dealers are businessmen. They are sharp entrepreneurs with a razor sharp street acumen.

When a shipment of drugs comes in the dealers brand the drugs. On the “The Wire” they used names like WMD and Death Row. If a particular shipment is bad, the name—say, Death Row—is used because the users know that product is currently shit.

In order to gain market share a legit business would either buy out competition or re-brand the product. So the dealers are still dealing the shit heroin, but now they call it “Obama,” and suddenly everyone wants some. The junkies eventually catch on and dealers rename it, or when they get a new better product they give it out for free and re-name it.

Police in New Jersey recently seized 500 bricks of tar heroin named “Lil’ Wayne“. The detectives said they’ve also seen heroin named “Obama.”

Apparently, you have made it, if your name gets on a packet of heroin in New Jersey.

*If you have not heard of or seen “The Wire,” you are missing out on the greatest television series ever made. Ever.