Bono Scares the Hell Out of Silvio Berlusconi

According to a recent wire released by Wikileaks, Italian Prime Minister, the infamous Silvio Berlusconi, considered increasing Italy’s foreign aid solely to avoid an “embarrassing tongue lashing from Bono.”

Bono Scares the Hell Out of Silvio Berlusconi

Julian Assange and his chaos-inducing website Wikileaks has revealed the US government in a rather unflattering light. Assange is likely to be arraigned by the United States on charges of pissing off everyone in Washington D.C. espionage. He also helped popularized the underused phrase “surprise sex,” and won the coveted and prestigious Death And Taxes “Man of the Year” designation.

Most of the leaked documents have been serious in nature but a recent, more lighthearted cable revealed that corrupt Italian politician Silvo Berlusconi is scared of Bono, henceforth making him a complete bitch.

According to a memo written by William Meara, US embassy’s economic adviser, Berlusconi reportedly considered increasing Italy’s foreign aid while they held the G8 presidency in 2009 solely to avoid criticism from the U2 front-man.

Berlusconi is best known as Italy’s hard-partying, orgy-having, mafia-friendly and utterly corrupt billionaire. The current Prime Minister has been a dreaded Bono enemy since 2006, when he “exploited” Bono, using the sunglasses-loving rock star’s likeness in a brochure that supported Berlusconi’s election.

Bono responded with an open letter that called out Berlusconi on his false promises made to Bono about Italy’s future aid to African counties.

To be both a billionaire, the most powerful man in Italy, and also scared of a caricature of a human being who was once depicted as giant piece of shit by the creators of South Park is truly dumbfounding.