The New York Times Hates Us

We had our first semi-viral story last week. The New York Times had to rain on our parade.

The New York Times Hates Us

Last week we published an article called “The Largest Prison Strike In American History Goes Ignored By US Media.” It had something like 50,000 views and 3,000 Facebook Likes, which is kind of a big deal for our site, as launched on 8/2/2010.

The Times wanted to let us know that the prison strike was not ignored by the mainstream media. In fact, journalist Sarah Wheaton wrote three excellent articles about the strike, prior to our piece. You can and should read them all:

The middle article was positioned prominently on the top of the National section, which is as good as it gets, save for an article being featured on A1. Um, does anyone know what A1 is?

Touché, New York Times, touché.