Haley Barbour Loves White Supremacy, Hates New ‘Thor’ Movie

The Council of Conservative Citizens—the CCC instead of the KKK—have latched on to the “Thor” movie boycott like a disgusting, racist squid.

Haley Barbour Loves White Supremacy, Hates New 'Thor' Movie
We get it: Idris Elba is not white

Republican Haley Barbour has been mentioned alongside Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee as a 2012 presidential contender. Unlike the other two, he’s not a Fox News correspondent. Unless Fox produces a show called “Restoring White America Through the Overt Suppression of Black People.” Haley Barbour would host this show.

The CCC, which Barbour recently praised, launched a site called boycott-thor.com, a brilliantly direct URL if there ever was one, as, I’m to assume, blackpeopleshouldn’tbeinmovies.com was taken (I haven’t checked GoDaddy yet).

The site calls Idris Elba a “Hip Hop DJ.” Elba happens to be a very fine actor. Appearing in a Marvel comics movie is beneath his talents but great for his wallet. The controversy stirred up by his character’s “multi-cultural makeover” is disturbing, and the political backdraft has been downright nauseating. It points out a few things most modern Americans would rather not pay attention to. Mainly that the Republican insurrection was fueled by racism as much as ideology, high unemployment or no.

The Birther movement and the Boycott Thor movement are inextricably linked. When you put a black person in a traditionally white role (typically called societal advancement, by the way), a passionate chorus of fanatic leeches swells above the din. This happened with Obama and this happened with Elba. Same message different industry.

The Birthers, Thor Boycotters, the CCC, Haley Barbour, and the intransigence of Mitch McConnell are all stains upon our rich culture. Let’s hope their virulence doesn’t infect the youth too much. We’ll know by the box office numbers.