Julian Assange: I’m Not a Terrorist, US Politicians Are Terrorists (VIDEO)

Julian Assange gave an interview to MSNBC today in which he insisted he isn’t a terrorist. He followed it up by suggesting some US politicians fit the ‘terrorist’ bill much more accurately than himself.

Julian Assange: I'm Not a Terrorist, US Politicians Are Terrorists (VIDEO)

“The definition of terrorism is a group that uses violence, or the threat of violence, for political ends,” said Assange on MSNBC. He goes on to point out that no one has been hurt or killed as result of any WikiLeaks document dumping. He continues:

“But we see constant threats from Republicans in the Senate trying to make a name for themselves, to people like Sarah Palin, to shock jocks on Fox, to unfortunately some members of the Democratic party calling for my assassination… It’s clear that whoever the terrorists are here, it’s not us.”

Mike Huckabee, widely suspected to be a 2012 presidential hopeful, said “Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason. I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty.” Addressing Huckabee’s quote, Assange says, “that is the threat of violence to achieve a political end… And that is the definition of terrorism.”

It’s a hard point to argue with. Pressed for what he’d like to say personally to Mike Huckabee, potential challenger to for the US Presidency, Assange remarks, “well he’s just another idiot trying to make a name for himself.” Also a hard point to argue with.

Watch the full Julian Assange interview below.

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