Free Music Tuesday: Yeasayer, Atlas Sound, Gorillaz, JJ

It’s the holidays, which means we didn’t get around to Free Music Monday yesterday, which means we’re doing it Tuesday, which means: Grab free new music from Yeasayer, Atlas sound, Gorillaz, and JJ!

Free Music Tuesday: Yeasayer, Atlas Sound, Gorillaz, JJ

Most economic measures indicate that 2010 was the first year holiday spending returned to pre-recession levels. Yay! But if Santa was a little light on his trip your down your chimney this year (or through your space heater, if you’re Antoine Dodson) a few great bands are giving away stocking stuffers for free.

In case you missed it:
Yeasayer released a new live album on the “In Rainbows”-style pay-what-you-want honor system (which, of course, if you’re broke, includes free). Recorded at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels in October, it’s called ‘Live at Ancienne Belgique.’ (I guess everything really does sound more romantic in French, huh?) Visit Yeasayer’s site to grab it.

Atlas Sound got in the Christmas spirit with Bradford Cox releasing “Artificial Snow,” a Christmas song of sorts, for free on the Deerhunter blog. Cox has been in the spirit of giving all season long, and this time that old Grinch Sony Music didn’t even try to steal his roast beast! Download “Artificial Snow” at the Deerhunter site.

“Kills” might not necessarily be the most Christmas-y sounding title for a yuletide giveaway, but it’s the thought that counts. Swedish indie pop band JJ released the new mixtape “Kills”on the Sincerely Yours website for free—they won’t take your money even if you try. Head to Sincerely Yours to grab the first addition to your 2011 playlist.

The much-hyped Gorillaz iPad album is finally here. The novelty alone would be worth a listen, but it’s actually good, and the whole thing is streaming on the Gorillaz’ site. If you’re a member of their fan club (who says fan clubs are just for Justin Bieber?) you can download the whole thing for free.

Happy belated Christmas—enjoy!