The Clientele at Williamsburg Hall of Music

The Clientele at Williamsburg Hall of MusicLast night, London’s The Clientele performed at the Williamsburg Hall of Music. The set list began with “Nighttime” by Big Star and continued with songs that span their entire career that began in 1991–nine years before their official first release Suburban Light.

If you’re unfamiliar with their unique brand of pop, their tempo of choice typically lingers somewhere between slow and very slow. Think Nick Drake. Live, however, the band turned it up a notch and (pardon the expression) …rocked out (especially on an extended rendition of “Sketch” off the forthcoming Bonfires On The Heath). Singer Alasdair Maclean also effectively entertained the audience with self-deprecating quips while he tuned his guitar. Highlights included “Jennifer & Julia” and “Harvest Time” also off Bonfires On The Heath, which will be October 6th via Merge. -IL