3 Reasons Sarah Palin Is Down In the Polls

Polls indicate that Republicans have turned their backs on the Moose Hunter. Why?

3 Reasons Sarah Palin Is Down In the Polls

The latest CNN poll finds that only 49% of Republicans would back a Sarah Palin presidential candidacy in 2012. Nearly 70% of Republicans backed her candidacy just two years ago. It seems that the liberal witch hunt is over and Republicans have joined in chugging the Hatorade.

That’s not to say the polls suggest burgeoning rationality in the Republican camp: 67% say they would support Mike Huckabee for president. Huckabee is an evangelical Fox News correspondent whose best friend is Chuck Norris.

Why is Sarah down and out? Here are three totally obvious reasons:

She’s an idiot
I know it’s cliche and even a bit taboo to call Palin an idiot, but two years of nonsensical jabbering and uninformed political punditry have turned her base against her. Culturally, I think we’ve forgotten about her July 2009 gubernatorial resignation speech. Never forget this speech. It was perhaps the worst, most factually inconsistent speech delivered by a popular public servant in America’s rich history. Not only that, but she resigned public office to pursue a career in entertainment. This is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. Ask Bon Jovi.

Her show sucks
I want to start by saying, like most men, liberal or conservative, I find Sarah Palin extremely attractive. She has the added bonus of being hotter then her daughters, which in male mathematical terms increases her hotness from 7% – 12%, and possibly even more in family photography. I watched one episode of “SP’s Alaska.” She walked around the wilderness with an old outdoorsy guy (who fell flat on his face at one point walking down a hill) looking for animals. They never found the animals. They crossed a freezing cold stream on foot. The show ended. I got the point: Palin can extract wisdom from her elders and use it for good. She’s also tough as nails. These lessons for the voting public do not come across well in her boring, boring, boring show.

Liberals and independents hate her so much, conservatives have kind of given up supporting her
Palin is universally disliked. The idea of a Palin presidency is so revolting to her non-supporters that it’s actually leaked into her supporters’ perspective. Wanting Sarah Palin to be president is not unlike being a Met fan: you just get sick and tired of rooting for a bunch of losers. And everybody loves a winner, conservatives included.