Lazy Study Shows ’30 Rock’ as the Most Unethical Show on Television

A recent groundbreaking study by Global Compliance, “the ethics and compliance leader,” found the television shows are frequently politically incorrect and lack certain ethical standards, especially NBC’s “30 Rock.” Cue feigned shock.

Lazy Study Shows '30 Rock' as the Most Unethical Show on Television

Inappropriate workplace behavior is what drives many of television’s most popular comedies and dramas. Shows like NBC’s trio of “30 Rock,” “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” hilariously depict a mostly dysfunctional and unrealistic workplace. The humor derives from employees’ and bosses’ complete ineptitude as well as bizarrely incongruous office behavior and blatant sexism.

We laugh because these situations almost never happen at our jobs. For example there is always someone who gets too drunk at an office party, but it normally doesn’t result in drunky’s hair catching on fire at a Moroccan-themed holiday party as happened to Meredith from “The Office.”

Real life bosses and employees know not to act like these characters from television shows. It’s plain common sense, right?

Well, Global Compliance didn’t think it was so obvious. Apparently some of us can’t seem to understand that you can’t treat employees the same as Jack Donaghy and Michael Scott. As a result America’s leader in pointing out common sense in the office place, bestowed upon us their completely unnecessary and half-assed study, which breaks down the ethical violations from nine of the most popular comedies and dramas on television. Their study’s results are elegantly presented in a 8th grade professional power point presentation.

Lazy Study Shows '30 Rock' as the Most Unethical Show on Television

In the small sampling of television shows the guys at Global Compliance watched, “30 Rock” was the unsurprising champion of the inappropriate. Comparing their five member cast’s 11 ethical violations each episode to the annual unethical-ness of a company of 400,000 employees. This means Tracy Jordan is as inappropriate as the equivalent of 80,000 normal people.

Lazy Study Shows '30 Rock' as the Most Unethical Show on Television

First off, how exactly were these shows chosen? Random employee’s TIVOs and Netflix queues? These results are from watching exactly two episodes of each show. Two episodes! Keep in mind without commercials, that’s only about nine and a half hours of television. Which is apparently thorough enough research to claim “30 Rock” is the most unethical show on television.

Lazy Study Shows '30 Rock' as the Most Unethical Show on Television

Easily the most hilarious part of the power point presentation. This is where our compliance experts point out an example from the myriad of ethical violations of each television show. Here are some of the best unethical excerpts followed by their violations:

30 Rock– Jack to Danny: [Asking about a co-worker] “Is that the chick lawyer who does the sexual harassment presentation? Because she’s asking for it…” (Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Respect in the Workplace)

House– Cameron objected to doing a colonoscopy on a conscience patient. She said to House, “How would you like to have a six-foot hose shoved into your small intestine.” House replied, “I have a new respect for the basketball players you dated in college.” (Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Respect in the Workplace)

Lazy Study Shows '30 Rock' as the Most Unethical Show on Television

This slide concludes today’s exercise in common sense. I’d like to thank Global Compliance for all their diligent work. And I’d like to remind everyone at home that these guys got paid to do this “research” and make this “study.”

Have a happy New Year and remember nudity, racism, sexism and necrophilia are all inappropriate in the workplace.