Activist James Jablon to Spend Month Living In Lion’s Den for No Reason

Is eating, drinking, and sleeping with two African lions for 30 days worth $200k?

Activist James Jablon to Spend Month Living In Lion’s Den for No Reason

James Jablon of Spring Hill, Florida recently started a month long stint in a fenced enclosure with two African lions with the hope of raising money for a nearby wildlife center. Jablon owns and runs the nonprofit Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando (WROH) where the two lions, Lea and Ed live.

NBC reports Jablon plans on sleeping in the hay near the lions when they sleep and eating when they eat. When the lions “play” Jablon plans on hiding in an enclosure he built in a tree.

“Especially if they’re playing with something and you try to take it and you go near it, they go after you and when they fight with each other—which they do—you don’t want to be near them, because as soon as something touches them, they don’t concern themselves with who’s touching them. They’re going to bite,” Jablon told NBC.

Jablon is brazenly risking his life in order to raise money for the wildlife shelter. He aims to raise upwards of $200,000.

The foolish stunt is publicized as a live internet stream, however attempts to access the WROH site lead to a message stating the site has been suspended. Without access to the site, Jablon cannot accept donations via the internet. WROH’s hosting provider, Start Logic, is likely worried that a live stream of a man being brutally eaten alive by two African lions may not fare well with the FCC.

Jablon’s supporters admit his chances of making it 30 days are dodgy. On the WROH Facebook page a wall post states, “We are asking that you sponsor Jim’s efforts on behalf of the lions by pledging to donate $1.00 per day (up to 30 days, if he makes it) to help support WROH and its efforts to help wildlife in need.”

We’re pulling for you, Jim.