William Daley, Obama’s New Chief, Is an Ex-JP Morgan Chase Exec

The corporate takeover of the U.S. government continues: Obama’s “Fuck You” to the scores of voters who wanted change but got more Wall Street.

William Daley, Obama's New Chief, Is an Ex-JP Morgan Chase Exec

William Daley is an ex-JP Morgan chase executive and Secretary of Commerce. Translation: He means business—literally.

Daley is the son of Chicago political machine “Boss” Mayor Richard J. Daley and brother to current Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Know-nothing conservatives, including the faux-radical Tea Partiers, will naturally be incensed by this appointment, as it seems to indicate Obama really was part of the Chicago political machine.

But something more insidious is at work here: Daley’s involvement as a Senior Executive on JP Morgan Chase’s Operating Committee. Daley is in charge of “Corporate Responsibility.” Very interesting coming from the scion of what amounts to Chicago’s version of Tammany Hall.

Daley was the Secretary of Commerce in the second term of the Clinton administration after he helped ram the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) down the throats of every human being in the western hemisphere and north of the equator.

Daley has been a political ally of Rahm Emmanuel for years, which was probably a factor in his selection for Chief of Staff. No doubt bequeathing this choice political post to Daley will help in Emmanuel’s efforts in Chicago’s mayoral election. Obama seems to have been more than happy to oblige and grease the wheels of this political cronyism. Typical Chicago politics.

The selection of Daley serves a two-fold purpose: to assuage the fears of American and international business and to create a direct line to the powerful Chamber of Commerce, which was heavily involved in the 2010 elections.  Obama called out the Chamber last October for accepting foreign funding in their campaigns against certain congressional and senatorial candidates.  With Daley as Chief of Staff, it now seems quite probable that Obama will be able to calm the Chamber’s nerves in the run up to the 2012 Presidential election.

Daley’s selection has angered the liberal base of the Democratic party but comes as no surprise to radicals who never had much faith in Obama from the start.

Any illusions that Obama might still change the corporate lobbying behavior at the highest level of government have now been obliterated.