Bank of America Paying for Being Pure Evil

Bank of America is probably—though not totally confirmed—being attacked online again. Go get ‘em.

Bank of America Paying for Being Pure Evil

Bank of America is down in every societal sense of the word.

The Bank of America website is down and the public’s opinion of them is down, but their stock is up—for now. It drops precipitously at so much as a nod from Julian Assange.

There are still 17 days left in January, will Assange drop the WikiLeaks bank bomb he has been promising? If so, how does a monolithic institution function day to day, knowing they are being held hostage by acquired documentation of corporate malfeasance, held by arguably the most dangerous man in the world?

One occurrence that has not been sufficiently explored in the context of BofA: How does a human being actually hate a bank? Hating a TV show, a bowl of pasta, a book, or the snow are all reasonable. We perceive them with our sense and emotions. For the vast majority of us, a bank is just a place you deposit money. They used to give us credit to buy stuff like houses and cars, but not any more. They’re just big drab structures that have ATMs in their lobbies.

Bank of America did a bang-up job of completely associating itself with the financial collapse. To a lot of Americans, BOA is synonymous with toxicity and bad behavior. They supported the sale of mercenary murderers Blackwater, and mislead unsuspecting customers of loan-modifications, specifically in areas hit the hardest during the housing crisis. Their acronym, bofa, sounds like a totally gross sex act. They have a terrible logo.

As we suggested in December, leave now. Go to a bank that doesn’t damage the reputation of America and where you can actually access your information without fear of it being shut down by hackers (who are really only stepping on this monolithic viper’s poisonous head).

Like their buddies Blackwater, Bank of America need a name change. If they want my business, they have an option: changing their name to Bank of Awesome. They do that, I’m in.