Jurassic Park Theme Slowed Down 1000%

The time-stretching trend continues with John Williams’ bombastic orchestration being slowed to 1000% of its normal speed.

Jurassic Park Theme Slowed Down 1000%

I’m not quite sure why time-stretching has taken off over the last year: it’s hardly a new function.  It was available in analog, but in these heady digital days, it’s just easier to do (even for the amateur).

Once upon a time I was an amateur video artist, and I used a similar technique with found footage, time-stretching the video and the audio on Final Cut Pro.  Quite easy.  So easy, in fact, that the hardest part of the process is obtaining and importing the video or audio.

As far as I can tell, this whole fad started in the months following a re-broadcast of NPR’s piece about Lief Inge’s beautiful time-stretch of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  Inge digitally time-stretched Béla Draho’s recording with the Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia and Chorus to 24 hours, and named it “9 Beet Stretch.”  Tune in to it every day, at any time, if you are so inclined.

Though digital technology makes time-stretching easy as pie, “Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower)” is majestic in its own way — outdistancing the admirable Justin Bieber reworking, and approaching the heights of “9 Beet Stretch.”

Now if we could only time-stretch Jeff Goldblum so that he could spout esoteric techno-babble forever and ever.

Have a listen:

Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower) by birdfeeder