Believe The Hype: Keep Shelly in Athens

There’s a flood of new acts out there lauded with “buzz band” tag—we feel, at times, too freely. We’ve decided to sort through the rubble for you and highlight the groups we feel truly deserve the recognition. This week, we’ve got the melancholic disco of Keep Shelly in Athens.

Believe The Hype: Keep Shelly in Athens

There’s not much we know about the enigmatic Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens—except that there is apparently a Shelly, and the band would really prefer to keep her right in Athens, where she belongs.

Beyond that, we know that they make some soothing, downtempo disco gold. The band’s blend of electro-pop, led by haunting female vocals, sounds like the best possible combination of Beth Gibbons’ voice, Massive Attack’s entrancing beats, and “Moon Safari’s” astral production — basically, something only Europeans could pull off.

So, it’s probably befitting that Keep Shelly in Athens are putting Greece on the map in the electronic scene. The group’s been so consistent with the limited work they’ve put out that it was pretty difficult to pick one song to stream here, but we’ve chosen their latest track, “Running Out of You” from their “In Love with Dusk” 12-inch out via Forest Family. Make sure you stick it out to the 3-minute mark where the track evolves into a full-fledged dance jam. Listen to the rest of the band’s cuts over at their Myspace.

Running Out Of You by Keep Shelly in Athens