Flights to Egypt Are Crazy Cheap

It may not seem like a great time to head to Cairo, but if you’re looking to travel on a budget and don’t mind possibly dying, Egypt awaits.

Flights to Egypt Are Crazy Cheap

For the twenty-something would-be American traveler, cost always stops international travel dead in its tracks. “Let’s go to the Louvre! Wait, tickets are are $1200? Let’s go to the Met!”

Growing up punk rock lefty, I’ve had more Guevara, Sartre, Russell, Chomsky, Mailer and whoever else stuffed down my throat than I care to remember. My peer group is a lot better at reading about revolution than actually participating in it (see: WTO protests, Seattle ’99).

Today we have the good fortune of being able to travel to Egypt for roughly half the usual cost. I called Continental Airlines and the customer service agent refused to tell me how much tickets to Egypt cost a week ago. Today at Continental, flights are firmly beneath $1k. Lufthansa is charging $786 to Egypt for coach. Sometimes it almost costs this much to get to L.A. from NYC if you’re booking late.

Bounce around the web for a few minutes and you’ll find Egyptian travelers have documented air fare to Egypt costs $1200 – $1500, sometimes more.

I couldn’t squeeze out of any customer service reps I spoke to whether or not mass civil disobedience effects the cost of travel to a specific nation. Americans, as a rule of thumb, are routinely instructed to not go any place where a revolution is occuring, probably because they don’t want us getting any funny ideas.

It’s probably not the perfect time to visit Egypt, but it’s definitely cheap. Also, the FBI will likely open a file on any American non-journo heading to Cairo. Just tell any interlocuters that you want to see the Sphinx before it’s burned to the ground.