The White Stripes 10 Best Videos Ever

In memory Detroit’s now-defunct White Stripes, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ‘Stripes videos.

The White Stripes 10 Best Videos Ever

From impromptu live performances to genius Michel Gondry productions, we’ve put together a humble list of our top ten White Stripes videos:

10. Hotel Yorba Live on a Winnipeg bus. The White Stripes 2007 Canadian tour was marked with plenty of ‘secret shows’ — our favorite was this rendition of “Hotel Yorba” on a Winnipeg city bus.

9. St John’s One Note Show. On that same Canadian tour the band promised to play every province and territory in the country. With this facetious “One Note Show” in St. John’s, they fulfilled that promise.

8. The Hardest Button to Button. An ingenious Michel Gondry clip with multiplying drum sets and guitar amps taking over the Upper West Side. Watch for the Beck cameo around 2:30

7. We’re Going To Be Friends. Well, this one’s not so much for the video — although we dig the simplicity — but mainly because the song is amazing and shows Jack’s songwriting versatility. This one’s known to be Conan O’brien’s all-time favorite White Stripes song.

6. Blue Orchid. The video is insane and the song is The White Stripes at tip-top shape. Plus, the model in the video would go on to marry Jack White.

5. Seven Nation Army/Death Letter at the Grammy Awards. Beck: “The sound of dead cellphones and oil rigs… ladies and gentleman, Jesus’ children of America — The White Stripes!” Jack White shred the Grammy stage like no one really has.

4. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. Another Gondry clip for the grimy, soft-loud rocker track off “White Blood Cells”

3. Jolene. Jack and Meg took this Dolly Parton song and ran with it. Their live rendition is awe-inspiring.

2. Fell in Love With A Girl . The one that started it all. Michel Gondry’s LEGO video for the band’s breakthrough hit.

1. Let’s Shake Hands . The White Stripes first, unofficial, single. This is the band at their core — a perfect fusion of punk energy and blues guitar.